Help with Shopping

The shopping facilities on this web site have been designed for use with reasonably up to date web browsers.

If you do not wish to enter your order through our web site, you can place your order with us in the following ways:



Call our sales team on 020 8317 9668  anytime between 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday.  Our friendly sales staff will take your order or help with any enquiry you may have.  (Answerphone out of hours.)


Send your order or post your cheque to:
Binding Bazaar
Unit 40
The IO Centre
Armstrong Road
The Royal Arsenal
SE18 6RS

Payment Methods.

By Cheque: Make cheques payable to Gilmex International.
Bank transfers: For quick clearance we also accept bank transfers.
All prices are exclusive of VAT

Solutions to Common Problems

Problem: Your company's prices were being displayed and then they stop being displayed

This can happen if you leave your computer for a long period after signing on and then return to carry on with your order more than 20 minutes later.  The solution is to sign on again.